Production Credits


2014 - Bed Time, Blackbox, HD P2 short

2008 - East of Everything 2, 3rd Unit, Twenty 20, Super 16mm TV series

2007 - East of Everything 1, 2nd Camera, Twenty 20, Super 16mm TV series

2006 - Sticks and Stones, Terry Bleakly, DV short
2005 - The Encounter, Terry Bleakly, DV short

2004 - My Dad Victor, Rowena Zande, DV short

2003 - Soar and The New Boots, Tristan Bancks, DV/DVC Pro short

And Justice for One, John Bell, DV short, A Mile High, In Your Face Productions, DVC Pro short

2002 - Surfcheck, Barbie English, DVC Pro short

2001 - The Long Wet, Tristan Bancks, DVCam short

1997 - I, Eugenia, Additional Cinematography, Curious Media, 16mm short

1996 - Head and Tales, Murray Hunter Productions, DVC Pro short

1995 - My Space, Ozpan, 16mm short, Passion, Studio Camera Operator, SP Betacam TV series

1994 - Precious, Guru, Change of Heart, AFTRS, 16mm short


2013 - Be the Difference, Blackbox., HD P2

2009 - Dirtgirlworld, Greenthumbs, Dirt Girl World Productions, HD P2

2004 - Animal Talk, Twenty First Century Cox, TV series pilot, DVCam, Bloodlines, Enchanted Edge Media, DVCam

2002 - Terrible Toads and Friendly Frogs/Go Girl!, Hatchling Prods, DV

2001 - The Paper Queen, Julie Nebauer, 16mm/DV
2000 - Drawing Down the Moon, Carolyn Saul, DV

1999 - In The Pits, Brown Snake Productions, DV

1997 - Silver Tongues and Golden Tonsils, Brown Snake Productions, DV , The Making of ‘Wanted’, 2nd Unit D.O.P., Cine 2000, SP Betacam

1996 - Artists Up Front - Ningali Sydney, Paul Roberts, SP Betacam

1995 - Creatures Ourselves, David Sheridan, SP Betacam, Antipodi, Film Master Film Rome, SP Betacam


2013 - Dwell – A Triple Bill, Benzie Rado Prods., HD P2 WATCH, Wetland Discovery Tour, ABContent Creation, HD P2 WATCH

My License My Place, ACE Lismore, HD P2 WATCH

2012 - Stubbies Change the World Challenge, Tristan Bancks, HD P2, Byron Bay Writers Festival, Two Minute TV, HD P2 WATCH

2011 - Foodlinks Documentary, Lois Randall Prods.,JVC 700 HD WATCH, Strategic Feral Pig Control in the Northern NSW Coastal Wetlands,
NPWS, Annie Benzie Content Creation

2010 - Lifelink Telecare, Feros Care, JVC 700 HD WATCH, Byron Bay Writers Festival, ABC Big Ideas, HD P2

2007 - Change the World in Five Minutes, Tristan Bancks, DVCam WATCH