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2020   Byron Bay Influencers, Compass, ABC TV

            Piano Pushers, Magpie Pictures, TV documentary pilot

            Celebrating Care 2 Change, Annie Benzie Content Creation, short doco

            Neighbours (Covid pickups with Madeline West) TV drama

2019    Laura’s Choice, Virgo Productions, Additional Cinematography, TV doco

2019    Neighbours (Byron Bay guerrilla shoot), 2nd camera, TV drama

2018    Making Waves, Karenza Ebejer, short doco

2017     Keeping Custom, Annie Benzie Content Creation, short doco

2016      Margaret, Radaz Prods, short drama

2016    Life is Dance, Radaz Prods, short doco

2014    Bed Time, Blackbox, short drama

2013    Be the Difference, Blackbox., short doco

2009    Dirtgirlworld, Greenthumbs, Dirt Girl World Productions, TV series

2008    East of Everything 2, 3rd Unit, Twenty 20, TV drama series

2007    East of Everything 1, 2nd Camera, Twenty 20, TV drama series

2006    Sticks and Stones, Terry Bleakly, short drama

2005    The Encounter, Terry Bleakly, short drama

2004    Animal Talk, Twenty First Century Cox, TV series pilot

             Bloodlines, Enchanted Edge Media, TV documentary

             My Dad Victor, Rowena Zande, short drama

2003    Soar and The New Boots, Tristan Bancks, short drama

             And Justice for One, John Bell, short drama

             A Mile High, In Your Face Productions, short drama

2002    Surfcheck, Barbie English, short drama

             Terrible Toads and Friendly Frogs/Go Girl!, Hatchling Prods, promo

2001    The Long Wet, Tristan Bancks, short drama

2000   Drawing Down the Moon, Carolyn Saul, TV documentary

1999     In The Pits, Brown Snake Productions, TV documentary

1997     Silver Tongues and Golden Tonsils, Brown Snake Productions, TV documentary
             The Making of ‘Wanted’, 2nd Unit D.O.P., Cine 2000, BTS